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Handrails in Sydney

We pride ourselves on providing top quality, custom fabrication performed by fully licensed and qualified tradesmen.

We provide for aged care modifications and maintenance services in Sydney. All our rails are fabricated and install to suit every individual needs.

We liaise with occupational therapist’s, and understand all the in’s and outs of handrails for the elderly.

We are here to help you get around your house freely.

In many circumstances, the rails that are required throughout your premises must go through approval processes by relevant government departments before work can commence, and this could take months. We can help get the ball rolling.

Elderly people are vulnerable to having falls or being confined to certain areas of their own house. Where elderly residents need handrails for outdoor steps immediately, we are the team to call (no waiting for months on end!) and our works could even commence on our first visit to your premises.

We provide stainless steel handrails for stairs. Our single or bilateral rails can be installed on the day, however multiple or complex rails usually take a bit longer. We give quotes over the phone and, for urgent installations, can usually fabricate rails on the same day.

Why Choose Us?

The advantage you have with us is that we pre-fabricate the components of external handrails for steps – posts, brackets, rails – and connect onsite. We understand that every individual has different needs, and we can adapt on the spot, leaving our client satisfied and able to utilize the rail for years to come.

Our Fabricated rails are constructed out of 316 Stainless Steel only..

They have no joins on them, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing handrail without any obstructions (unlike cheap versions with unsightly rings and connectors on them). We fabricate both small and large jobs, – a large job is simple a series of small jobs connected!

Your handrails should complement your home – in appearance and quality. If required, we can construct Galvanized Pipe Rails to suit all locations on your premises, and we can bend and weld onsite to suit any location.

NOTE: Galvanized rails don’t have the same appearance as 316 Stainless Steel, but they are a more affordable alternative to Stainless Steel.

We can powder-coat rails to our client’s preference, so they look the same as any surrounding fixtures (e.g., door frames, etc).

Aged Care and NDIS Focus

Our ultimate goal is to make your premises safe and accessible for everyone.

Over the last few years we have provided Home Maintenance Services for Handrails, Fences, Gates, and Balustrades all over the Sydney Metro area to Aged Care clients.

We also Sub-Contract out to NDIS providers in Sydney’s Metro area.

We understand the different requirements people have  in terms of handrails, etc. We have many clients who would be lost if we had not installed rails for them to get around in their own homes.

To prevent accidents and improve your quality of life, call us to come and make your premises safer for you immediately and for years to come. Once you get Occupational Therapist recommendations, come directly to us and we will speed things up. Be wise – you don’t want an accident while waiting for things to be done!

Alternatively, you can go through Aged Care Providers and they take care of all your matters.

We offer between 10-20% subsidies to aged care clients. (This is the same as for Aged Care Home Maintenance and Modification Groups, the only difference being that you are coming directly to the Fabricator & Installer).

Our turn-around is very fast. If required and agreeable, we can fabricate and install rails the same day.



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