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Comprehensive Balustrade Solutions for Every Situation

We specialize in balustrades installation and compliance works where balustrades and handrails on unit blocks, in public areas, and/or residential houses have the following issues:

Gail or balustrade heights are too low (all older buildings have balustrades that don't comply to current BCA standards and thus needs to be extended or replaced)

Gaps in the rails or balustrade are too large (large gaps can be blocked off, but it’s usually better if they are replaced)

Existing balustrades have access points that facilitate illegal climbing (these can be blocked off, but the appearance is not good. In most cases, we need to remove the obstruction or replace the balustrades or rails)

Rusted or corroded fixing points (it’s usually best in these cases to replace balustrades or rails)

Materials are too old and no longer fit for purpose (in this case, we replace balustrades or rails, often with a metal balustrade in Sydney)

All of these are common problems with existing balustrades and handrails, especially on older buildings. We have modern, sleek systems that are weld- free and offer great visual, functional, and safety results.  Our team understand what is required for people to be safe in their own premises – and we deliver exceptional results.

Per client request, our system can be powder-coated or anodised to suit the location. Visit your local Hardware Store or to view the available Colour Chart.

The balustrading system can be top-fixed, side-fixed, or core-drilled.

We understand the features of older systems, making it easy for us to alter or replace an existing balustrade.

Our system is weld-free with concealed fixing points in the post – meaning our system looks neat and seamless.

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